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Robata Jinya Coming to 3rd, Pourtal Donates To Haiti, MORE

MID-CITY— Traipsing across 3rd street this weekend we stumbled upon signage announcing the name for La Brea Dining's forthcoming eatery, Robata Jinya. Another such restaurant exists in Tokyo, presumably by the same owner, and obviously serves the namesake, robata-style grilled dishes. Judging from the pictures on the opening announcement, looks like sushi will also be on offer here. So, two new restaurants back to back: Jinya and The Burger Factory. [EaterWire]

HOLLYWOOD— Ew. A special shout out to Dan for taking food blogging to a new level with this unnecessary bathroom shot from Lou. Thanks. [Eater National via DanEats]

SANTA MONICA— Note to self. Tomorrow from 7PM to close Pourtal will donate 25% of its wine tasting sales for Haitian relief efforts. [EaterWire]


8050 W 3rd Street, Los Angeles, CA