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Pitfire Pizza Postpones Opening Due To Rain

This Saturday Pitfire Pizza was supposed to open its new location in Culver City, though the insane rain this week has caused minor delays and the debut has been pushed back to next Saturday, January 30 but could get delayed even further. The forth iteration of Pitfire follows their tried-and-true formula to a tee: Casual, modern, with open seating, a kitchen centered around a wood-burning oven, and a basic menu featuring crowd favorites such as the Burrata Pie and their signature Chicken Salad. Fresh ingredients continue to be one of their hallmarks. GM Larry Rudolph explained that a small area outside of the restaurant will be dedicated to growing lettuce and tomatoes, for use in their pizzas and salads. The renovated space is unrecognizable from its previous incarnation as a Shakey’s. Large booths line the perimeter with four-tops and bar seating near the open kitchen. The neighborhood vibe is underscored by the friendly service (everything is order-at-the-counter). This location also has a beer and wine license, so get excited for Hitachino Nest and other selections on tap. The outdoor patio area should be a good place to check out come the warmer months.
Additional Photos: Eater LA Flickr Page
—Yvonne Ip

Pitfire Pizza

12924 Washington Blvd., Culver City, CA