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Mr.Thomas Keller at...Bouchon, Jake Gyllenhaal, Billy Crystal, Robert Duvall all at Craft, MORE

Once again, the Eater StarWatch where we dish on your recent celebrity sightings. Wanna play? Send your tips here with "StarWatch" in the subject line.

1. Petros: "Spotted Maria Sharapova at Petros in Manhattan Beach. Came in discreetly with one other male companion, ate lunch quickly and hurried out..." [StarWatch Inbox]

2. Michael's: "Actors-Stephen Lang, Betty white, Kate Capshaw, Artists Tony Berlant, Joe Goode, Kim McCarty, Musicians- Jerry Casale (DEVO) John Densmore (DOORS)-- All at Michael’s this week." [StarWatch Inbox]

3. Bouchon: "Might be silly, but indie rock fans will be happy to know Blair Shehan from The Jealous Sound was at Bouchon with a blonde girl on Saturday. Since he's rumoured to have had a breakdown and quit the music industry and LA, it seemed like a glimmer of hope that he may be back in action, or at least out in such a public place." [StarWatch Inbox]

4. Bouchon: "omfg - totally starstruck when i spied mr. thomas keller three seats away, waiting for his lunch at bouchon!!! he was at the bar, getting courted by his staff, reading through the day's paper. the waiter later told us that he'll be at his bev hills outpost for the rest of the week." [StarWatch Inbox]

5. Dakota: "Sunday 1/10/10 Jazz Brunch at the Dakota (Roosevelt Hotel)...Was there for my girlfriend's birthday, and spotted Ben Stiller having brunch with director Wes Anderson." [StarWatch Inbox]

6. Craft: "craft la was full of celebrities on monday, jan 11. had lunch there, along with jake gyllenhaal, billy crystal and robert duvall. Jake was with an older woman and another guy -- it looked like a work meeting. billy was hanging out with some old comedy friends." [StarWatch Inbox]

7. Capo: "On december 16 we saw Dick Clark at Capo, Santa Monica. He looked great." [StarWatch Inbox]

8. M Cafe: "I noticed Maggie Gyllenhaal with daughter at M Café Melrose on Monday. She was seen ordering a lot of to-go items." [StarWatch Inbox]

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