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Mexican Madness at Borracho Cantina

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Phone: 310-289-8809
Status: Soft open today
Once upon a time, less than a year after opening Tony's Italian Steakhouse, Tony Riviera had a drunken revelation: He must close his steakhouse, and in its place open a mexican restaurant and Tequila bar. And, he must name it after his own drunken state. Thus, Borracho Cantina was born. Come watch the game on the myriad of tv screens and dine on Roasted Duck Tacos with mom's pecan mole and Pomegranate Guacamole with Queso Fresco. Or, pop by for happy hour between 3 and 6PM and again between 10PM and 1AM. Monday nights a DJ will be on hand, and as if there weren't enough Mexi-style bars at which to go hog-wild on the strip, Borracho is proud to offer their "Horny Margarita" and "Tequila girls" at the bar. Clearly, this is the place to take your sweetie for Valentine's Day, so call and make reservations now.
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Borracho Cantina

8570 W Sunset Blvd., West Hollywood, CA, 90069