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Art Deco Paradise at First & Hope, Opening March

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Welcome to First & Hope, slated to open March 15 or April at the Promenade Plaza replacing Ristorante Promenade downown. Newcomers to the restaurant business, Terry Brewer and Parker Martin have ambitious plans for First & Hope to become a destination for concertgoers headed to Disney Hall or the Music Center. It is an art deco lovers dream filled with custom chandeliers, high-backed booths, a metallic bar, and tons of dark wood. Moving through the still very under construction space, owners say it will have the look and feel of a 1940s supper club – think prohibition era cocktails and updated versions of food reminiscent of a Baby Boomer’s childhood (uh, The Tar Pit anyone?). Instead of fried chicken look for fried quail, plus short ribs short stack on the menu for brunch, and an innovative meatloaf that manages to fit foie gras and gin into the mix all created by chef Shelley Cooper.

Once complete, the lobby/bar area will house an Enomatic wine dispenser serving up glasses of vino otherwise only available by the bottle. In addition, on offer, a full menu with dishes sorted into the categories Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large. The concept here is that if you are rushing to a show and have 30 minutes, you can drink a glass of wine and order a Small dish, specifically designed to come out of the kitchen quickly and get you to the show on time.

At the back of the dining area is the temporarily named Cabaret at First & Hope. Outfitted with custom trimmings and more art deco accents, the Cabaret will feature a stage to showcase live music from jazz to Broadway-style shows.

As for cocktails, the menu is serious and when we prodded, it was revealed that First & Hope is in the process of procuring a “well known” mixologist from another LA venue, though no names were given. Speculation always welcome in the comments.
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— Nicole Campoy-Leffler

First & Hope

710 West 1st Street, Los Angeles, CA, 90012