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Citrus at Social, The Patio Seaside Café & Grill, Del's

1) Hollywood: Citrus at Social has been D.E.A.D. for quite some time now. Not that we didn't all see this one coming, but the official word is in, confirming the expected: Citrus is doneski. [LAW]

2) Venice: Also on the shutter block today comes The Patio Seaside Café & Grill in Venice. Yo! Venice! notices the abandoned cafe on Windward. [Yo! Venice!]

3) West LA: In another neck of the woods, Del's too throws in the towel. The 35-year old bar shuttered yesterday after losing its lease, and throughout this week is auctioning off everything on the walls. [LAW]

Citrus at Social

6525 West Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA, 90028-7212