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Kirsten Dunst at Cafe Stella, Ed Helms at Izaka-Ya, Reese Witherspoon at Bouchon, MORE

You see them eating and they don't care if they see you. Got a celeb restaurant sighting for the StarWatch? The tip jar awaits.(Please put "Starwatch" in the subject line.)

1) Cafe Stella: "Saw Kirsten Dunst at Cafe Stella last night (1/25) having dinner." [Starwatch Inbox]

2) Izaka-Ya: "Ed Helms at Izakaya (Katsuya) Friday night! Super casual in a baseball cap." [Starwatch Inbox]

3) Bouchon: "About a week ago I spotted Reese Witherspoon having lunch at bouchon. just thought you should know." [Starwatch Inbox]

4) Napa Valley Grill: "Saw Jason Alexander...Seinfeld...eating at Napa Valley Grill." [Starwatch Inbox]


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