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Travis Lett Takes Time Out For Vogue

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Despite being busy remodeling the space above his beloved Gjelina which, according to eye witnesses, is slow going, chef and co-owner Travis Lett (and participant in this year's Sexiest Chef competition) took time out recently to pose for the January issue of Vogue. Photographed in Gjelina's kitchen, and styled by Christopher Kane, the composition, backdropped by a squeaky clean kitchen, has Lett focused on the task at hand - slicing and dicing. Lett tells Vogue's Sally Singer, "My job as a chef is to kind of get out of the way," and, about Gjelina, "We ... set out to open a modest, humble restaurant." Oh, and Travis reveals that he likes to paint and even keeps a studio. No word on his new gig or future plans, but at least the two page spread is easy on the eyes. [Vogue] — Daniela Galarza


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1429 Abbot Kinney Boulevard, Venice, CA, 90291