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This Just In: SM Food Truck Lot Gets Shut Down On Day Two, What To (Hopefully) Expect In The Future

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A scene from yesterday's affair.
A scene from yesterday's affair.

According to LAist, Santa Monica’s new Gourmet Food Truck Corner has just been shut down. Via the lot's Twitter feed: "We may have an issue... SM may be shutting us down for an alleged zoning issue. Stay tuned." Followed by "We've been shutdown... The land owner was mistaken on some zoning issues. I'm sorry guys... Stay tuned." This still developing. In the meantime, here is what the future should hold. Approximately twenty trucks are expected to rotate, with eight showing up daily from 11AM to 8PM. Some newer trucks to be seen on the corner include Derb’s Gourmet (offering “the finest in Pacific Rim cuisine,” like hula chicken, spicy sweet carnitas, and the Derb-a-dilla, a fully loaded version of a quesadilla) and Louk’s, which serves Greek food like gyros, Greek donuts, and honey feta fries.

Fresser’s Hot Pastrami will also be on site soon, serving the obvious: fresh, hot pastrami sandwiches alongside other deli favorites like turkey, roast beef, and pot roast sandwiches, which should be paired with a side of Linda’s chocolate walnut fudge. Don’t fret, your old favorites will all come out to play as well – Let’s Be Frank, Cool Haus, Kogi, FIsh Lips, Border Grill Truck, Grilled Cheese Truck, Little Spoon Desserts, India Jones, and the Dosa Truck have all got spots on the master calendar.

Still in its very early stages, the SoCal Mobile Food Vendors Association is responsible for the Gourmet Food Truck Corner. Their website isn’t as informative yet as it will be, so check back for more calendar updates to plan your expeditions. They do much of their business on Twitter, so to get an idea of what this corner will bring in the coming weeks, check out the list of trucks the Association follows.
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— Nicole Campoy-Leffler