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On Burgers

2010_01_cube.pngToday Damon Gambuto of A Hamburger Today pens an ode to Cube's burger providing nothing but praise: "My first encounter with the Cube Burger was topped with Quebec cheddar and arrived with Hollywood starlet appeal. The perfectly rounded bun, set against what can fairly be described as potato ribbons and a succulent round of heirloom tomato, was dead sexy...The first bite was the stuff of burger dreams. The rich, pliant bun squished with softness and crunched with a slight toasting. The beef crumbled with a griddled crust...The patty, 6 ounces of short rib and hangar steak, had a brash beefiness that was unquiet in the best of ways." [AHT]

Cube Marketplace

615 North La Brea Avenue, Los Angeles, CA, 90036