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Kogi Restaurant Like "Yoshinoya 5.0"

After catching wind of the Kogi restaurant situation, there was obviously a need to check in with the Kogi crew to try and procure additional details. Kogi rep Alice Shin confirmed that the space will be on Overland, taking over an "old Chinese restaurant and later a Japanese, Korean and Chinese catering place." Hm, any thoughts on this? She describes the menu as "Yoshinoya 5.0...Very straight up, very fresh and very LA." Further, "There will be rice. In a bowl. With some very interesting additions on top." That's the deal for now. Team Kogi is still deciding on a name and it sounds like they've boiled it down to three options. Says Shin, "Push comes to shove, if we can't make a decision, we'll probably have our fans vote and decide for us." As always, suggestions welcome in the comments.
·Kogi Plans Non-Mobile Rice Bowl Restaurant In West LA [~ELA~]
—Yvonne Ip

Kogi BBQ Food Truck

Moving Target!, Southern California, CA