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Four Cafe, Tracht House, FOUR Mixt Greens Headed to SoCal; New Restaurants Added to Winter dineLA

EAGLE ROCK— The Eastsider brings word of Four Cafe, a new casual eatery about to open on Colorado Blvd. The 30-seater will feature a market-driven menu, online ordering, and curbside pick up. [The Eastsider]

LAX— More details on Suzanne Tracht's airport venture. The name is Tracht House and Suzanne is currently accepting suggestions on "what items you would like to see on the menu, your favorite travel-food, your current favorite airport restaurant, and anything else travel-food related." Send thoughts to [EaterWire]

DOWNTOWN— Also, additional info on Mixt Greens. As it turns out, not two, but four Mixt Greens are headed to SoCal. The first eco-friendly (organic, locally-sourced, sustainable) sandwich/salad spot opens next Tuesday January 12 at 2 Cal Plaza. The next two locations are set to open in February and April at Museum Square and Malibu. And finally, a forth location is headed for San Diego. [EaterWire]

AROUND TOWN— DineLA is back Jan 24-29 and Jan 31-Feb 5. New participants include Il Grano, Eva, Cecconi’s, Joe’s, Jar and Ortolan. [EaterWire]

Four Cafe

2122 Colorado Blvd., Eagle Rock, CA, 90041