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Mad Hatter Tea Party: h.wood adds Tea Room

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A while back rumors swirled about a potential shutter coming to h.wood, and perhaps to keep the club feeling fresh and new, Loyal Pennings (LAX), John Terzian, and Brian Toll have opened the Tea Room, a small one-room club inside the already elitist club/lounge. Why the name? Because here one can sip "prohibition tea" aka alcohol-infused tea from actual tea pots. The idea was born out of Cher's frequent visits to the lounge where, because she doesn't drink, she would always request tea. One of h.wood's investors owns tea plantations in India...and from that the Tea Party room came to fruition. As expected, bring your A-game because the door policy is super strict. [LAT]

Peering into h.wood.


1738 North Orange Drive, Hollywood, CA, 90028