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Welcome: The Tasty Meat Truck, Komodo

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1) The Tasty Meat Truck: Not to be confused with The Flying Pig Truck comes another mobile vendor with a flying pig logo, The Tasty Meat Truck. This bad boy debuted about two weeks ago serving up four types of Turkish wraps plus feta fries, and grilled cheese.

2) Komodo: And coming early next week is Komodo, a perviously mentioned newcomer. Think tortillas stuffed with "carne asada and fresh guac 'Komodo Signature,' and a smattering of American offerings, including the breakfast-esque Early Bird (egg, cheddar, scallions, bacon, sausage, shiitake mushrooms), a Cobb Salad 'rito, and the 'Fish & Grapes.'" [Thrillist]