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Powdered Sugar Cakes, The Hummas Factory, Tirovino, MORE!

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Here, a few Plywood sightings in our fair city. See something moving in, renovating, changing? The tipline is always open.

1) Mid-City: What have we here? Oh, just some MORE construction on Third Street. West of Fairfax comes Powered Sugar Cakes, a custom cake shop per window signage. Baker "Theo" (yes, just "Theo") comes by way of NYC's French Culinary Institute to craft shmancy cakes and right off the bat we know that Patti Labelle is a fan. [EaterWire]

2) LAX: The family-owned Mediterranean restaurant, The Hummas Factory is set to debut in The Promenade at Howard Hughes Center. Much like its two previous locations in El Segundo and Manhattan Beach, this spot is set to serve healthy sandwiches, grilled meats, salads, as well as homemade hummus. [EaterWire] — YE

3) WeHo: Back and forth he goes, the "he" in this equasion being Mirko Paderno current chef at Oliverio within the Avalon hotel in Beverly Hills. Back during All' Angelo days Paderno played chef, before moving on for a hot second to Caffe Roma, then Blue on Blue/Oliverio. Now Feast shares that the Italian teddy bear of a chef will open a wine bar called Tirovino in his former stomping ground on Melrose. [Feast]

4) Santa Monica: Interesting. A new kid-friendly bakery and book nook is under construction on Main Street in Santa Monica. Books and Cookies appears by way of children's author Chudney Ross and NY caterer Mary Giuliani who plan to assimilate baked goods and children's books into one happy home. [Grub Street]

TiroVino Wine Bar

7166 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90046 323 933 1800