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The Cheese Store of Pasadena Slices

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Phone: 626-405-0050
Status: Opened Sunday
Fromage fans rejoice, as of this past weekend Pasadena has its very own offshoot (kinda) of Norbert Wabnig's esteemed Cheese Store of Beverly Hills. Appropriately named The Cheese Store of Pasadena this aged cheese mecca offers a tremendous assortment of cheeses from around the globe, in addition to baguette, crackers, olive oil, jams, cookies, cured olives, dried pasta, you get the idea. But wait, let's not get confused. This isn't an official second outpost of the Beverly Hills original, rather Norbert consulted on the venture so it's no shocker that the two appear quite similar. Peer down below for some interior shots, cheese and all from the venue's Saturday night pre-opening soiree.
Addition Reading: Plywood Report, 8/4
Addition Photos: Eater LA Flickr Page

The Cheese Store of Pasadena

140 South Lake Ave., Pasadena, CA