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Daily Dose Brings Artisan Coffee & Market Driven Fare Dtown

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It's been a while since we shared an update on Daily Dose, that "traditional" European coffee house and restaurant hybrid opening downtown, but now some news. In the kitchen one will find Christian Robert Lawson Page (yes, that's one person) who hails from NYC kitchens Savoy and The Harrison. Page plans to source all ingredients from within the state for yet another farm-to-table menu situation that will change daily. Think meat-heavy sandwiches, seasonal veggie sides, Cali artisan charcuterie and cheese. For minestrone fans, this classic Italian soup will make repeat appearances on the menu. And if you're eating, you might as well be drinking. Unfortunately, this establishment won't score a license to booze until after it opens, so Intelligentsia coffee, house-made iced teas, fruit drinks, lemonade, and "real" fruit punch stand in till then.

Daily Dose is set to open in the next couple of weeks, but for an early taste of Page's seasonal menu check him out at Test Kitchen this coming Sunday. Also, Facebook provides a menu preview.
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— Yolanda Evans

Daily Dose

1820 Industrial St. Los Angeles, CA, 90021