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Barbarella Bar Lands Sean Poplar As Next Exec. Chef

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There have been, um, how many chefs over at Barbarella Bar since its inception? Let's count. The Silver Lake restaurant and bar started off under the leadership of Lance Corralez (who lasted, say, a few weeks), and was succeeded by Michael Madau (stuck around for about three months), followed by Michael Zimmerle (also lasted about three to four months). At which point owner Anat Escher turned part of Barbarella in URSA Mediterranean Kitchen bringing in Dylan Hallas as chef, he held court, eek, just a month. At this point Escher canceled URSA and a new chef was hired (though Escher wasn't yet ready to reveal a name), who we can only presume is the recently announced Sean Poplar, which means he's been around for about three months or so as well. Grand total = five chefs in about a year and a half, not too shabby.
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2609 Hyperion Avenue, Los Angeles, CA, 90027