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The Tasting Kitchen Updates Interior, Check Out That Foliage

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Elizabeth Daniels 10/10

It's been a long strange trip for 1633 Abbot Kinney Blvd. The Tasting Kitchen, the aforementioned locale's current resident, seems to finally have hit its stride, but things weren't always so peachy keen. Flipping back to days of yonder, two years ago this space belonged to former Beverly Wilshire chef Conny Andersson who debuted that fairly inedible rendition of farm-to-table meets Scandinavian fare, unfortunately the most redeeming element of that eatery was its digs which were nominated for an AIA/LA award in 2009. Moving right along, seven months after its launch, AK abruptly shuttered leaving that pretty little space in its wake, but lo and behold, The Tasting Kitchen was born, headed by chef Casey Lane, a Portland native who brought along his staff to debut a Gjelina-esque rustic, hip, market-driven, small plate eatery which has since flourished.

However, when Casey first took over the design-y space last summer, PR at the time announced a series of interior and exterior modifications, though none of that really happened and up until recently the restaurant has basically continued to look just like AK.

Finally some action, better late than never. Let's start with the two new knotty trees in the main dining room which add an extra earthy element, then climbing upstairs to that small top floor, a few other additions. To start, the wall of books. Why is everybody going for the book/library theme? Anyway, the wall does add some nice color and feel appropriately antique within the space. Also on the top floor comes new tufted brown banquettes and that whole chalkboard wall, cute. While overall the space is still reminiscent of AK, the new added decor feels more in sync with The Tasting Kitchen, it's now a little bit less glossy, a little but more rustic.
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The Tasting Kitchen

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