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FW: Waterloo & City - A Chef's Meltdown

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From: [an eater]
Date: Tuesday, October 19
To: Eater Complaints Dept.
Subject: Waterloo & City - A chef's meltdown

Just this past Saturday night, I witnessed something that I have never seen outside of reality TV shows. My friends and I were enjoying a drink at the bar at Waterloo & City while waiting for our table to be ready. The bar stands in front of an open kitchen so we were getting very excited when we saw all of the different meals being sent out. All of a sudden, we heard a man yelling. Startled, we look around and see its the head chef/co-owner screaming and cursing at one of the servers. And he didn't stop. He literally went on yelling for 5 minutes.

Update From Waterloo & City PR: "I just spoke to the manager and sussed out the details. Yes, there was an incident where the chef got upset with a staffer and let him have it, but NOBODY was fired, as one poster commented." There you have it. An "incident" went down, however do note that nobody was fired.

All of the guests around us were very confused and couldn't believe this was actually happening. The poor bartenders had to continue on as if nothing was happening but you could see them pass sly and freaked-out glances at one another. I'm not naive and I know that the Gordon Ramsey-esq chefs are probably quite common, but I have never seen it happen in front of guests. If the chef has a temper, why make an open kitchen? What do others at Eater think about this scene? The consensus amongst my group was that it was in very poor taste and guests do not want to see that happen when going to a restaurant to have a nice, enjoyable meal. We were also a little offended. Why put the guests in an uncomfortable situation? We clearly were not the chef's top concern.

Oh, and we did go through with the meal and were unimpressed.

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