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CREPEstudio Unloads Sweet and Savory Crepes in Pas

Phone: 626-844-8810
Status: Opened Saturday
Looking for a Nutella fix? Hit CREPEstudio, Pasadena's newest cafe to score a sweet or savory crepe, even and salad or panini. The space, located on Union near Colorado, previously housed a car model shop, just 800 square feet, now devoted to the anorexic French pancake. However, here savory crepe offerings contain more American fillings like the Classic Tuna, the Baja Chicken, and Chicken Caesar. All dessert crepes (save for the butter/sugar combo) call for Nutella, Nutella with fruit, Nutella with ice cream, etc. Finally, to drink, coffee and ice-blended drinks called Frepes in vanilla, mocha, coffee, and caramel...just like Starbucks. Oh, and mention “Brigham Yen’s Blog” to receive $2 off any crepe until November 15.
Additional Reading: CREPEstudio Now Open in Pasadena, 10/19


99 E Union St., Pasadena, CA