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Updates On Hostaria Del Piccolo

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Hostaria Del Piccolo has been underway for a few months now so it's time for some updates. While its older sibling, Piccolo (Venice), serves refined Italian fare with a rustic edge, Hostaria Del Piccolo aims to be a more affordable, more casual, version within a larger space. So when Piccolo serves dishes like venison carpaccio and housemade duck prosciutto, Hostaria Del Piccolo will serve standard prosciutto, basically the eatery is going for the same high quality mark but with slightly less fancy, approachable ingredients. Generally, an overall a more rustic approach. As for an opening, construction is in full swing, right now owners are aiming for November 2011.
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Hostaria Del Piccolo

606 Broadway, Santa Monica, CA 90401

Hostaria Del Piccolo

606 Broadway, Santa Monica, CA