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Black & White Goth at Madame Chou Chou, Opening Sat

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It's a Fornasetti madhouse up in this piece! Mismatched, odd body parts from the bar to patio to bathroom. Welcome to Madame Chou Chou which, at this very moment, still smells like fresh paint. And yes, it IS extra delayed, but why? According to co-owner Erlyne Roestch, it's been about 18 years since the city evaluated the surrounding area of the restaurant space for liquor licensing, so once Creative Sushi shuttered, the city wanted to inspect the neightborhood (accounting the number and proximity of nearby schools, daycares, etc) to make sure the space could still maintain its liquor license. This inspection is what delayed the opening, but the restaurant has its liquor license now and everything's set to debut for breakfast, lunch, and dinner this coming Saturday October 23.
Breakfast offerings include freshly baked croissants and baguettes from the in-house patisserie, meanwhile lunch and dinner menus bring standard French bistro fare.

Check out the above shots, mostly a black and white color scheme going on within the gothic meets Moulin Rouge meets French noir space. A chandelier drips gems, black walls depict hand-painted chalkboard-esque line illustrations, and antique French decor prevails.

In the bathroom find vintage French photographs Erlyne screened herself, out back a quaint patio with more dripping chandeliers, perpendicular banquettes, and images of classic Fornasetti face plates. Hours of operation run from 8AM to 10PM daily.
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