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M Cafe de Chaya in Culver City Abruptly Calls It Quits

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Aw, what a pity. And this place generally seemed pretty packed, too. Two year old macrobiotic health spot M Cafe de Chaya in Culver City has shuttered due to "financial reasons." So, this leaves M Cafe in Beverly Hills, and the original M Cafe on Melrose, which is all owned by the larger parent company Chaya (Chaya Venice, Chaya Brasserie, Chaya Downtown). Owners are focusing on the BH and Melrose locations which are apparently doing well, so says PR. Anyway, last night M Cafe was listed as a partipant for Culver City's Block Party, but by 7PM the eatery looked closed, and by 8:15 the windows were papered over with the above posted signage. Looks like a new tenant has already moved in. [EaterWire]

M Cafe

9343 Culver Blvd., Culver City, CA, 90232