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Inside La Monarca Mexican Bakery Opening Next Month

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Slated to open no later than November 10 comes the west side expansion of Mexican bakery La Monarca. With the first location born in Huntington Park four years ago, partners Ricardo Cervantes and Alfredo Livas strived to open a neighborhood bakery serving the traditional Mexican baked goods they grew up eating. After the successful launch of Huntington Park the duo debuted location two in City of Commerce, and next month brings bakery number three on the corner of Wilshire and Euclid. Expect to find everything from Brioche con Dulce de Leche, Conchas de Vanilla y
Chocolate (vanilla and chocolate seashells), Galletitas de Boda (Mexican wedding cookies), to croissants, and Telera (traditional Mexican sandwich bread). Think cakes likes Tres Leches and Guava Cheese Tarts, to drink 20 different coffee beverages made from organic fair trade coffee out of Oaxaca, Mexico.
While La Monarca is definitely not the place to go if you're looking to avoid carbs, the bakery launched a line of savory lunch dishes one month ago which will be on offer in Santa Monica as well: Cazuelas with Poblano Chicken Mole, Tomatillo Salsa Verde Braised Beef.

The above pictured space is definitely coming together, once complete it will house indoor cafe tables along the walls parallel to Euclid and Wilshire. Luckily this expanse of Wilshire affords a fair amount of street parking, nonetheless La Monarca has a shared lot behind the bakery, in addition to a second metered lot also in the back on Euclid. The bakery will be open daily from 7AM-9PM.
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