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Post Taste of AK Debacle, Organizers Offer Restitution

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Over the past 36 hours Eater has received several frustrated emails from guests who chose to attend the Taste of Abbot Kinney this past weekend. One readers describes her experience, "I corralled a large group of my friends to attend Taste of Abbot Kinney yesterday. We had all bought the 15 ticket package in advance (one even bought the 30 ticket package), and started hitting up the restaurants around 3:45 (the event ran from 3-7). Our first stop was Lilly’s, which was just fine. We headed over to Rockenwagner’s 3 Square Café and they were already out of 4:10...The Otherroom wasn’t even open when we crossed the street....We managed to score some tasty chicken at the Ludo Truck (GODSEND), but sadly, that was the last bit of food we got all evening. Mind you, none of us ate pretty much the entire day b/c we expected to be so full from all the tasty treats we would share. As we walked from restaurant to the rain...we kept seeing signs proclaiming restaurants were out of food for ticketholders. Casalinda, Hal’s, Dogtown Dogs, The Pit Stop, Slammin’ Slider, The Tasting Kitchen, even Lemonade! How does Lemonade run out? The line at Abbot’s Pizza Company was so long, it was disheartening. We ended up drowning our sorrows in alcohol, which apparently was the only thing places were still serving."

This theme held true for many event-goers, and now Grubtrotters reports that organizers are apologizing for food shortages/long lines and will offer some form of restitution for those who were unable to use all their tickets. Stay tuned.
·Organizers Respond to Taste Debacle — May Offer Restitution [Grubtrotters]