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SugarFISH Officially Debuts Today

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Phone: 213-627-3000
Status: Opens today
Today marks the opening of location three for the sugarFISH mini sushi chain in the historic Robinson Co department store downtown. Like its sister restaurants in Marina del Ray and Brentwood, sugarFISH features traditional sushi in a relaxed environment selected by the famed "Sushi Nazi" aka Kazunori Nozawa of Sushi Nozawa in the valley. Each sugarFISH outpost is designed and decorated to reflect the neighborhood it inhabits, so the interior of the downtown eatery, designed and created by Glen Bell of DEX Studio, is suggestive of its urban location, with an artistic rendering of Tokyo Bay at the center of the 55-seat restaurant. As for food, expect a variety of "TrustMe" omakase selections comprised of sashimi, sushi and hand rolls, as well as a number of a la carte items and specials, with a variety of sake, beer and wine to drink. The new location also introduces take-out offerings, so that customers can enjoy their quality sushi at home. Up next look for sugarFISH to open in Santa Monica and potentially West Hollywood down the line.
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600 West 7th Street, Los Angeles, CA