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Cereal Meets Grilled Cheese at Mix n' Munch

Phone: 626-441-8808
Status: Soft opened Saturday
Welcome to a parent's biggest nightmare: Mix n' Munch, that hybrid grilled cheese, dessert grilled cheese, and cereal combo now open in Pasadena. Conceived by two couples/local residents Heather Apraku plus husband Abraham, and Heather's sister Kimberly Lee and her husband Bryan Woo, the foursome wanted to bring a new dining experience to the city based on affordable fare. But, in this case, the comfort food falls to 25 different types of cereal (there are even a few Halloween cereals on offer) which can be topped with all sort of additions from chocolate to nuts, plus your choice of milk, whole, 2%, or non-fat.

The secondary slew of edibles includes both sweet and savory grilled cheese, of course there's a "mix your own" option, or choose from the pre-made sammies like Pesto Perfecto (mozz, pesto, tomatoes, sourdough) or the Nutalla & Strawberries. Prices do seem more affordable with sandwiches starting at $3.50 and bowls of cereal starting at $2.75. As for the space, it's realtively kid-friendly with no frills tables and chairs, a sofa along one wall, and a magnetic board on another with plastic neon numbers for kids to play.
Additional Photos: Eater LA Flickr Page
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Elizabeth Daniels 10/10

Mix n' Munch

1005 Mission Street, Pasadena, CA