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Even More Glorious Updates on Jeffrey Cerciello's FarmShop

Yesterday Eater had the good fortune to chat with Jeffrey Cerciello, former culinary director of the Thomas Keller Restaurant Group, about his planned project debuting with the Brentwood Country Mart later this month. To recap, Cerciello took over the former City Bakery space earlier this summer with plans to open a dual restaurant and market serving seasonal California cuisine and offering artisan wares from edibles to tabletop items. So that Heath Ceramic bowl your salad comes in or that Matteo linen napkin catching your spills can be purchased just next door.

When FarmShop initially opens it will serve breakfast and lunch, followed by dinner about a week later. While guests can order breakfast and lunch off an a la carte, dinner falls in the Ad Hoc vein so only one menu with four dishes will be served nightly (vegan and vegetarian options on offer as well), all food to be served family-style, and the nightly menu will be posted online. Considering that no other formal sit-down eateries exist within the Brentwood Country Mart, a great, much needed new addition.
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225 26th St, Santa Monica, CA