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Molly's Charbroiled Potentially Shuttering for $1.1 Million

Oh no, The Molly's Charbroiled saga continues. The last word from earlier this summer was that the Hollywood institution risked demolition to be replaced by a new eight story property, therefore Molly's asked for help to relocate nearby. Now, Curbed reports that a settlement may have been reached in which Kwok Yi of Molly's could received $1.1 million, $700,000 would come from developer Pacifica Ventures with $400,000 from the CRA (Community Redevelopment Agency). In exchange for the cash the shack would have to, well, vacate. Apparently, Yi and Pacifica Ventures have signed their agreement and the parties are awaiting the CRA to sign their end of the bargain. So, the question remains, what will happen to Molly's? Will the stand relocate or shutter indefinitely? Stay tuned.
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Molly's Charbroiled

1605 Vine St., Los Angeles, CA, 90028