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La Cienega Goes Greek with the Premiere of Xandros

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Elizabeth Daniels 9/10

Considering the lack of Greek fare available in this city (save for, let's say, Petros and Papa Cristo's), Xandos brings a breath of fresh Mediterranean air to La Cienega's restaurant row. Taking over the former Tokyo Table space and officially breaking (pita) bread October 9 this spacious abode offers a jumble of modern and ancient Greek cuisine, but the highlight? Live greek dancers perched in the window as pictured above. Scroll through photo evidence depicting a four-seat bar peering into the exhibition kitchen, eight table outdoor patio, private dining rooms, bar and lounge area, and both banquette and booth seating in the main dining room. Instead of a cheese and fruit plate start with a highly curious cocktail like the Galatini with Stoli Gala Apple, apple juice and a Brie-rimmed glass dipped in cinnamon sugar or a slightly more standard Malimarti with vodka, Greek honey plus a lemon twist.

Meanwhile, the four page dinner menu offers standards and then some: apps, soups, salads, veggies, pasta, flatbreads, oven-roasted entrees, seafood, grilled meats, phew there's a whole lot going on here. Think tzatziki, haloumi with honey and balsamic, souvlaki beef, and lamb chops with Greek yogurt and herbs. So who is controlling this feast? Not one, or two but three chefs: Adam Kariotoglou who comes from a classic Greek background, Dimitris Mavrogiannis also well versed in classic Greek, and finally Glen Tinsley who was brought in to add a modern twist. Xandros is open daily serving dinner only, offering eats until 2AM.