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Fast Casual Asian Fusion At Fresh East

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Phone: 310-859-9989
Status: Opened October 1
Seven months after the original plywood sighting, Fresh East has started to serve in West Hollywood. The eatery, conceived by California newbie Ravine Hiranand, places emphasis on healthful Asian cuisine touting a respect for the environment, thus produce is sourced from local farmers, organic when possible, and the restaurant itself calls out eco-friendly design elements from floor to lighting, napkins to utensils. Sounds a bit like Tenders Greens with an Asian influence, eh? The amalgam of Asian offerings include flavors from India, Korea, China, Japan and Thailand like a yakitori chicken wrap (made with Jidori chicken), curry rice bowls, there's even a juice bar, avocado smoothie anyone? Considering the higher quality base ingredients most dishes cost between $8 and $14.
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Elizabeth Daniels 10/10

Fresh East

8951 Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles, CA