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The Music is Over At The Organic Panificio Cafe in MDR

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The Organic Panificio Cafe, the Marina Del Rey pseudo-Italian eatery plus live music venue which replaced Harbor House and Edie's Diner, has called it quits as of last month. There was all sorts of commotion and drama going on over there and Chuck Colby (CEO and managing director of the restaurant) posted the following statement on OP's website:

"On Thursday, September 16th the County of Los Angeles was successful in obtaining a restraining order to terminate all live music and entertainment at the venue... Accordingly, we are ceasing our entertainment operations immediately consistent with the judge’s order. In connection with this we will be shutting down the restaurant as well. Despite having the proper licenses, and fighting numerous court battles, hearings, government agencies, and all of the challenges of the current economic situation, the entity as a whole had finally started to make money and become profitable. However, as a direct result of a direct competitor and neighboring resident and his persistent badgering of the County. The County of LA in its infinite wisdom has taken this action. A shining example of our Government at work yet once again to ‘create jobs’ and stimulate the economy? So 80 plus people are out of work, in addition to the 50-150 musicians, backline people, stage hands, sound engineers, bookers, and others who we employ each week. Obviously, I am very disappointed with the judge’s ruling. I want to thank all of you who supported the waterfront and what we were trying to do."
Right now notices taped to the restaurant's doors confirm the above.
·The Organic Panificio Cafe Website

The Organic Panificio Cafe

4211 Admiralty Way, Marina del Rey, CA, 90292