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Andre Guerrero Not Involved in Senor Fred or BoHo

With regard to Grub Street's post earlier this week tagging Andre Guerrero as the force behind the next outpost for Senor Fred opening in Calabasas at The Summit shopping center, Guerrero drops Eater a note to clarify, "I sold my shares of Senor Fred to my partner Michael Lamb 4 years ago. I have not set foot inside of the restaurant since I left. They have struggled lately and Michael is trying to capitalize on my name. Senor Fred has gone downhill since I left. i never made a public announcement before because I did not want to disrupt their business by doing so even at the risk of hurting my reputation a little." And the story continues on to that who BoHo relocation where Eater was specifically told via PR that, "Adolfo [Suaya] and Andre Guerrero...are very much still business partners..." meanwhile on the subject of this project Guerrero writes, "FYI, I left BoHo at least 5 months ago. I never had any real freedom to do what I wanted to do there. I left BoHo because I am working on a big project, maybe two simultaneously. I will be partnering with a prominent local operator. I will give you the details when the papers are all signed." Et, voila.
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