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Rustic Chic Within Eveleigh on Sunset

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Phone: 424-239-1630
Status: Opens today
It's hard to even discern the weathered wood exterior of Sunset's newest addition, Eveleigh. Poised behind a smattering of trees and shrubbery, this plot of land certainly doesn't fit with the rest of the block, it's like a mini escape from LA, a piece of the countryside right on Sunset. Hipster Aussie trio, partners Nick Mathers, Lincoln Pilcher, and Nick Hatsatouris (Kingswood, Ruby's- NYC) today debut their rustic, understated, chic eatery and more than anything else it feels like somebody's country home. First off, everything appears old and worn in, as if this spots been around for years. There's a brick fireplace with comfy oversized chairs, tufted fabric banquettes that span the length of the space, and marble-topped two and four tops. As a whole, Eveleigh feels open and airy thanks to its exposed wooden beam ceiling, large front doors which tend to remain open, and the main dining room that seamlessly transitions into the back patio. By the way, don't miss the view of West Hollywood out there.

For anyone who has dined at Gjelina, Eveleigh embodies quite the similar feel and aesthetic approach: warm, rustic, cool without trying to hard. Even the food at Eveleigh parallels Gjelina's offerings, chef Jordon Toft has created a concise menu divided into four sections: small plates, big plates, sides, and dessert. The dishes are pretty simple, market driven American and European comfort fare all extra seasonal. Right now you'll find roasted butternut squash with trumpet mushrooms, pine nuts, and St. Agur blue cheese; a eggplant roasted dish with cilantro and a tangy cumin sauce; there's Pork rillette; and beef rib-eye cap with beets, chanterelles, and horseradish.

But what to drink? The mix masters behind the bar (that work under that rad animal skull chandelier) have been trained by a Milk & Honey (NYC) alum so expect classic Sasha Petraske creations, a version of the Gershwin exists on the menu under a different name. All libations are made from fresh juices and house-made syrups, but if you know Sasha's cocktail program than that's a given.

After a run of friends and family last week, today marks Eveleigh's official opening day. This place is for sure the next IT spot in WeHo, one month before it becomes perpetually packed. Score a resy here.
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8752 Sunset Boulevard, , CA 90069 (424) 239-1630 Visit Website


8752 Sunset Blvd. West Hollywood, CA, 90069