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Jonathan Gold's 99 Essential LA Restaurants

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Right off the bat Jonathan Gold asks the inevitable and highly appropriate question for this past year, "When is a restaurant not a restaurant?" He's not really sure but waxes poetic on pop-up concepts, pop-up chefs, food trucks, food stands, underground dining clubs, and everything in between that constitutes the Los Angeles dining scene. The Goldster also notices that "the mantra of Local, Seasonal, Sustainable, Organic has become so persistent in Los Angeles, and the crush of chefs at the farmers market is so pervasive, that the menus at some restaurants seem almost identical to one another at certain times of the year, and completely different from their own menus in spring." From there we delve into his bible of the 99 Essential Restaurants right here in the City of Angels. Many of the standbys are revisited (Campanile, Chung King, Daikokuya, Guelaguetza, Jitlada, Providence), but here are some of the new kids on Jonathan Gold's restaurant block: Chego, Eva, Fig, Forage, Jinya, Lazy Ox Canteen, Salt's Cure (pictured above), The Tasting Kitchen, and Waterloo & City. What else? What did he miss? Thoughts?
·A Movable Beast: L.A. Weekly’s 99 Essential Restaurants [LAW]