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Wilshire Blvd Updates

2010_11_bellytime.jpegIn place of Pata Cafe, which was replaced by the ill-fated Belly Time (didn't last 6 months), comes signage for Red Pepper at 3012 Wilshire Boulevard. No word on the food just yet. Meanwhile, down the block at 3000 Wilshire, Bakery I Do has undergone a management change (within the past six months) and switched its name to Break Room Cafe. Unfortunately, a reader reports that "weak business has now, as of the past week, caused them to close. Turns out the old owner made money off of high end wedding cake business which subsidized her shop selling baked goods and sandwiches. New folks didn't have that economic model and found out the shop itself didn't have cash flow to keep afloat." [Eater Inbox]