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More Mobile Machines: Streets of Thailand, Jody Maroni's

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Okay, just kidding, apparently the food truck trend has NOT slowed down, two more to add to the list today. Not only is lobster now for sale via truck, welcome to the launch of Streets of Thailand, which kicked off October 30 serving (shocker) Thailand street food. Apparently bacon-wrapped hot dogs count as Thai street food (who knew?), as do deep-fried meatballs on a stick, and spaghetti with panang curry (looks like tomato sauce, but it's nooooot). There's also pad thai, fried rice, fried wontons, egg rolls, quite the interesting hybrid of eats. Yes yes, Twitter here. Next up comes sausage slinger Jody Maroni's. Made famous at the Venice boardwalk and now with a dozen or so franchise locations, this vehicle kicks off at the LA Auto Show on Friday. Twitter here too. [EaterWire]