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Lobster on a Truck? Hello Lobsta Truck

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Well, it does seem like the whole food truck fad of the past two years has begun to run out of fuel, though word just in about a forthcoming newbie, the Lobsta Truck. Perhaps drawing inspiration from Luke's Lobster (?) in NYC, The Lobsta Truck serves lobster and crab rolls, the lobster rolls are composed of fresh lobster meat flown in three times a week from New England with a touch of mayo, or simply, melted butter. Other menu items include New England-style clam chowder, fresh squeezed lemonade, Cape Cod Potato Chips, whoopie pies and Main Root sodas. Catch the official kick off on Dec 3 during Venice's First Friday, otherwise there's a soft launch this Friday in Pas, check The Bug for whereabouts. [EaterWire]