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Last Night at Providence: Guest Protests Protesters With "I Love Foie Gras" Signage

Last night Providence held a Bocuse d'Or USA Foundation dinner serving a menu which called for foie gras. In response, the Animal Protection & Rescue League targeted the restaurant in an anti-foie gras protest, and here's the scoop from an employee:

"No photos. We were instructed not to engage them in any manner. Word was they were targeting Thomas Keller specifically because they heard he was going to be there. He did not come, but is a judge for the American Bocuse d'Or Team. Hence the link. They trickled in and at first we thought it was a handful of people, but by 8:30 they had grown to a rowdy mob of 30+. Usual placards, signs, chants. Cars honked in support and/or ridicule. They were pretty vocal and loud at one point, but were a behaved crowd of out of work aspiring actors. Our guests were mostly humored, and not too annoyed or unencumbered. Most thought was it was ridiculous. One guest showed up with his own sign that stated, 'I love foie gras.' At 9:00 they all dispersed together which was kind of weird. Theories went around that all the talk of foie gras made them hungry. My quip was that they all took off the catch the season finale of Whale Wars."
Oh, and here's some (dark) video footage.
·Foie Gras Protest Outside Providence's Bocuse d'Or Dinner [~ELA~]

Update: New photo added.


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