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Michael Voltaggio Announces New Restaurant, Ink., Taking Over Hamasaku on Melrose

The veil is lifted. Since early this summer, the food world has been abuzz pondering details about Top Chef winner and Dining Room at The Langham alum, Michael Voltaggio's solo restaurant. Eater did hear something about taking over a sushi place a while back, then came false word via PR that Voltaggio has claimed a space downtown. Not so much. Named after Volt's company, MV Ink., the rockstar chef will open Ink. (the logo for which he has tattooed on his left arm just above that spoon) in the shuttered Hamasaku home on Melrose hopefully by the end of February. He plans to keep the chef's counter over to the right, where "he will serve an omakase menu -- not Japanese, but several courses of the kind of food that best reflects his style of cooking -- dishes that might be considered 'fine-dining.'" As for the dining room, Volt has brought on designer Cliff Fong (done mostly residential projects in the past) who he encourages to use "as much locally sourced materials and furniture as possible" to create a casual feel.

Voltaggio says the idea is to bring a downtown feel to West Hollywood, that manifests itself as exposed wood beams, concrete floors, more of a bare bones aesthetic. He wants the space to feel like it has history, like it has been lived in. As for cocktails, Volt plans to offer beer, wine, and cocktails, probably vintage cocktails made with fresh juices, no soda guns, and definitely nothing trendy. "My favorite cocktail at The Bazaar is the gin and tonic. It's just good gin, good tonic, and good ice." Taste over trend.

Also as expected, sommelier Josh Goldman will follow MV over to Ink., right now he is in Maryland with MV's brother Bryan, but expect him to hop coasts once Ink. is closer to its inception.
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8360 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90069 323-651-5866


8360 Melrose Ave., West Hollywood, CA 90069