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Valen Dolce French-Japanese Patisserie Grand Opens Nov 13

Here comes a looksee inside Valen Dolce, that new patisserie on Montana. Inside one will note antique gold mirrors, crystal chandeliers, elegant cakes poised on pedestals, and colorful intricate mini cakes stocking the glass cases. Expect 20 to 30 indoor seats plus 10 or so outside with heat lamps for the approaching cooler days. In addition to those dainty French-Japanese fusion cakes, Valen Dolce will sell freshly baked bread, cookies and pastries, some of which will be infused with tea, a different blend each month. Finally, the opening. Come by November 13 for the official launch and score free patisseries and tea to celebrate. ·Valen Dolce, Steingarten LA, Hotel Bel-Air [~ELA~]
— Yolanda Evans