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Amandine Cafe Joins The New Breed On 3rd Street

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Right near the intersection of 3rd and Crescent Heights are several newbies, Olio Pizzeria and Robata Jinya. However, one might have noticed that other prime chunk of real estate directly next door to Jinya, and Mondette reports that this 3,333-square-foot space has been snapped up by West LA's Amandine Cafe. The quaint French style bakery and restaurant brings a bevy of baked goods in addition to a slew of breakfast and lunch (menu here) options all under $10 a plate, ranging from a standard ham and gruyere omelette, to the classic croque madame, to a Nicoise salad. Apparently 3rd Street is the new restaurant row, and Amandine will have to contend with Joan's, Magnolia, and Doughboy's forthcoming bakery, phew!
·Amandine Cafe Taking Big Space at West 3rd and Crescent Heights! [Mondette]