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simplethings Slings Sandwiches and Pie

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Phone: 323-592-3390
Status: Opened today
As of today, simplethings has begun to serve Third Street pie, sandwiches, and Intelligentsia coffee. First off, the menu is pretty comprehensive for the small white, yellow, and gray space. Starting with dessert, pick from cutie pie (enough for one, $2.50), simple pie (enough for two, $5.50), or big pie (bring this one to the party, $20) in 20 traditional and creative flavors: apple, banoffe (banana toffee), coconut cream, French silk (yes, that's a flavor...type of chocolate), Missouri mud, salted caramel, to name a few. However do note, the flavors rotate daily, about nine pies offered per day unless you call 24 hours in advance to place a special order.

The sole other dessert option falls to whoopie pies, right now catch a seasonal pumpkin whoopie pie. And then, of course, there are savories. Sandwiches, priced between $8.50 and $11.50, are the main attraction, think avocado melt (avocado, roasted peppers, fontina, taleggio, roquefort, apricot chutney), pulled chicken (arugula, pickled onions, garlic aioli, chevre), and sweet potato (grilled sweet potatoes, apples, jammy onions, cabbage, chevre, cumin coleslaw). There's also five pot pies, some salads, a roasted tomato soup plus soup du jour, a handful of vegetarian-friendly sides, plus breakfast. If you can't make up your mind, cause hey, there are many options, mix and match half a salad and soup, half a sandwich and soup, or half a sandwich and half a salad. Come by Monday – Thursday from 11AM to 9PM, Friday from 11AM – 10PM, Saturday from 8AM to 10PM and Sunday from 8AM to 9PM.
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8310 West 3rd Street, Los Angeles, CA