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TiroVino Brings Italian Country-Style Small Plates to Melrose

So, according to PR, Mirko Paderno (All' Angelo, Oliverio) is, in fact, not involved in TiroVino, the new country-style Italian eatery and wine bar taking over the former All’Angelo space on Melrose. Apparently, Mirko was originally attached to the forthcoming restaurant but is no longer involved. However, the parties that ARE involved include Sicilian-born Maurizio La Rosa (former GM at Chianti and Dolce) as proprietor, and David Giani (executive chef at Il Cielo) as chef. While the eatery is still a ways from opening, TiroVino will eventually serve traditional Italian fare, “small plates at small prices,” with old fashioned, original recipes from La Rosa’s childhood. Expect a selection of homemade pastas, pizzas, braised meats, and fish. Doesn't sound like a terribly far cry from All' Angelo, especially with that economy-friendly menu it attempted.
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7166 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, CA