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Suspended Liquor License at JP's Grill, New Lindy & Grundy Details, MORE!

SANTA MONICA Per Toddrickallen, JP's Grill on Wilshire and 11th has a suspended liquor license until December 2. [Toddrickallen]

MID-CITY Mondette spots action over at 801 N. Fairfax, the home to forthcoming butcher Lindy & Grundy. Those with an iPhone or Android can download the Stickybits app and scan a barcode hanging in a window to learn more about the new meat emporium. As it now stands, expect a January debut. [Mondette]

BRENTWOOD Just before Thanksgiving Feast shared news that 21-year old Italian staple Toscana would add on Bar Toscana, a new westside watering hole manned by Joel Black and Nick Liberato (both of Comme Ca), plus a third undisclosed Italian mixologist. Sounds like another muddled fresh fruit situation. [Feast]

JP's Grill

1101 Wilshire Blvd., Santa Monica, CA, 90401