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Ricardo Zarate Nabs Space Downtown For New Eatery

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There has been a considerable amount of discussion regarding Ricardo Zarate, the driving force behind Peruvian seafood abode Mo-Chica, and his future restaurant plans. There was talk about Moche, a "casual-elegant Peruvian restaurant" near LA LIVE, however that plan was put on hold, then came musings about an anticucho/skewers concept which Eater heard would open above the present Test Kitchen space in West LA. In the latest bout of where in the world is Ricardo Zarate, according to a Mo-Chica employee, Zarate just signed a lease for another Mo-Chica (though perhaps this is, in fact, for Moche?) at 7th and Grand. The new restaurant isn't slated to open for several months. [EaterWire]

[Photo: kevinEats]


3655 South Grand Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90007


7th and Grand Ave., Los angeles, CA

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