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SaMo Scores A Modern Pizzeria via Hostaria del Piccolo

A few more details on that casual, more affordable Piccolo spinoff, Hostaria Del Piccolo, opening across from Planet Raw on Broadway and 6th. This spot is headed by GM Christian Bertoini and chef Germano Minin (though owned by Piccolo proprietor Vittorrio Viotti and Chef Roberto Ivan), and under their leadership Hostaria will take a modern approach to Italian fare serving "moderately" portioned dishes focusing on freshness and seasonality. The poor man's Piccolo? Perhaps, the idea is to offer slightly more affordable fare than available at Piccolo, with pizzas as the cornerstone. Because pizza is all about crust, Hostaria will use naturally leavened dough incorporating different flours such as kamut, soy, polenta, garbanzo, even squid ink will get thrown around somewhere in there. Black pizza - the new trend. Anyway, there's a press preview coming up, but owners hope to open to the public by mid-December.
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Hostaria Del Piccolo

606 Broadway, Santa Monica, CA 90401

Hostaria Del Piccolo

606 Broadway, Santa Monica, CA