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FarmShop Bakery Now Serving Your Carbohydrate Craves

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Elizabeth Daniels 11/10

While Jeffrey Cerciello does not want FarmShop to be considered a chef-driven restaurant, it's hard to omit the decade-long tenure he spent as culinary director of Thomas Keller Restaurant Group's casual dining division. In any event, the consistently delayed restaurant is still bracing for its full debut, but meanwhile over Thanksgiving break, FarmShop's bakery soft opened on Friday at 7AM in the Brentwood Country Mart. Right now it's serving daily until 6PM, brunch is expected to commence this coming weekend, and soon thereafter the restaurant should begin the anticipated market-driven, family-style lunch and dinner service. Lunch actually remains a la carte, dinner runs Ad-Hoc- style meaning one menu of set dishes per night, so essentially you're not ordering off the menu, rather you're accepting what the chef has chosen to serve you on a given evening. And then FINALLY, that artisan market selling everything from tabletop to larder goods launches Spring 2011.
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