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Additional Purveyors Announced for The Market at SMP

More news by way of Santa Monica Place. With the initial round of restaurant openings on the dining deck squared away, it's time to focus attention on The Market, that high end cafe and retail space still under construction. So far Mar Vista's market driven eatery The Curious Palate announced its expansion plans into The Market, as did Kings Road Cafe on Beverly Blvd. Eater also heard that pretzel oasis Rockenwagner, too, would shack up with a new location in SMP, frankly not too far at all from its original Santa Monica outpost on Arizona and 4th. Interesting choice. A new addition for this Rockenwagner includes a "watch-it-bake" soufflé bar, offering both sweet and savory soufflés. Anyway, several other new kids join the crew, Venice's N’Ice Cream has claimed real estate, in addition to a cooking school: The Gourmandise School of Sweets and Savories and Community Kitchen. Local baker (and French native) Clemence Gossett of Gourmandise Desserts debuts her ecole offering three and four hour cooking classes and chef demonstrations. Finally, there's West Hollywood's wine and gift shop Venokado landing here as well. In addition to vino think tabletop wares, cookies, candies, that sort of thing. This project is still on tap to open Spring 2011.

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